As an adult, Lois was an aggressive, career-minded reporter for the Daily Star who, after Clark Kent joined the paper and Superman debuted around the same time, found herself attracted to Superman, but displeased with her new journalistic competition in the form of Kent. However recognizing the powerful reporting success of the two, then Editor in Chief George Taylor began pairing the two together. The duo would later become a trio as Taylor assigned then cub reporter Jimmy Olsen to learn from the two senior investigative reporters. Lois began to suspect that Clark Kent was Superman, and started to make various attempts at uncovering his secret identity, all of which backfired (usually thanks to Clark's efforts to conceal his costumed exploits).

In 1950, Lois became romantically attracted to Clark Kent after he lost his memory of his costumed alter-ego (thanks to a spell that was miscast by the old Justice Society of America enemy the Wizard). Relieved of his heroic identity, Clark began acting more aggressive and extroverted. Clark and Lois began to date each other, and were soon married though Lois never gave up on her suspisions that Clark was Superman. It was on their honeymoon that Lois tested her theory by trying to cut Clark's hair as he slept. When the shears were completely broken upon her attempt to cut his hair she confirmed that Clark was indeed Superman. Torn between her own desires for Clark and the world's need for Superman, she sought out the Wizard and had him reverse the spell which completely restored Clark's memory and he resumed his identity as Superman. Undaunted Clark professed his own commitment to her and they repeated their marriage in Earth-Two Dimension Kryptonian ceremonies and remained married.

When Kent succeeded Taylor as Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Star, Lois became its lead investigative reporter and continued her dangerous investigative reporting though secure knowing that her husband would keep her and her reporter staff safe from any excessive harm. They had many adventures together (many of their adventures of their earliest days as husband and wife were chronicled in the "Mr. and Mrs. Superman" stories) which showed Lois' extended family including her sister and niece and Power Girl who Lane-Kent accepted as her daughter.